EDGC 2018 Croatia
Toplice Sveti Martin
August 15-19, 2018
by Lagoda Disc Golf
EDGC 2018 Croatia
Toplice Sveti Martin
August 15-19, 2018
by Lagoda Disc Golf


Međimurje County and the Municipality of Sveti Martin na Muri are hosts of this event.

Međimurje County

Bounded by the rivers Mura and Drava, located in the far north of Croatia, rich in history and cultural heritage, Međimurje County represents an encompassing whole and a separate region. This sparsely smallest Croatian county is one of the most heavily inhabited parts of Croatia.

Here end the Pannonian lowlands and begin the Alps. The sloping hilly part of the west with many vineyards, the Mura and Drava coasts, with Drava being one of the few European bigger rivers preserved in its natural form, fertile plains in the east and rich flora and fauna surround this area.

Thanks to its position, but also to the built transport infrastructure, Međimurje today represents the "gate of Croatia" towards central and Eastern Europe. This is where the highway connects Rijeka and Zagreb with Budapest, on the Slovenian side of the river Mura passes the European corridor V, which connects Venice with the Ukrainian Lavov. Here is where in 1850, the first Croatian railway line was built, connecting the main Hungarian capital Budapest with Trieste, and by rail you can travel to Varaždin and further reach Zagreb. Within 300 kilometers there are cities of Vienna, Bratislava, Budapest, Ljubljana, Zagreb, Graz and Trieste. The international airports of Zagreb, Maribor, Graz and Heviz are also located within an hour and a half by car.

Residents of this part of Croatia are widely known for their well-developed work habits, entrepreneurship and innovativeness. The region is with developed crafts and small entrepreneurship, and Međimurje is recognizable by its rich eno-gastronomic offer. Here, the best wines are produced in Croatia, and the caterers follow the trends in preparing and presenting the food, giving traditional food a modern taste.

Međimurje has 113.804 inhabitants (2011), inhabited on a surface of 729.58 km2, in 3 cities, 22 municipalities and 131 settlements.

The county Mayor, Mr. Matija Posavec and the Mayor of Sveti Martin Municipality, Mr. Dražen Crnčec, have been happy to support the organization of the championship and give full support to the event, which will bring players from 29 countries in this area.

About the municipality and settlements
Sveti Martin na Muri (meaning Saint Martin on the river Mura) is a village and municipality of the same name in Croatia. It is located in Međimurje County, and it consists of 14 small settlements: Brezovec, Čestijanec, Gornji Koncovčak, Gradiščak, Grkaveščak, Jurovčak, Jurovec, Kapelščak, Lapšina, Marof, Sveti Martin na Muri, Toplice Sveti Martin, Vrhovljan and Žabnik. Located in the valley between the northern hills of the Međimurje vinayards towards the river Mura, Sveti Martin on Muri is one of the oldest parishes and settlements in this part of Međimurje.

Geography and Population
The municipality of Sveti Martin na Muri is located at the northernmost point of the Republic of Croatia. The area of this municipality includes the location where the river Mura enters the state territory of the Republic of Croatia, and the peripanonian space is slowly penetrated into the perialpine.

With an area of 2525 hectares municipality is ranked among middle-sized municipalities in Međimurje County, and among small municipalities in the Republic of Croatia.

Two types of reliefs can be distinguished in the area of the municipality: the lowland northern part and the hilly southern part of the municipality, therefore the northern part is included in the Pleistocene plain along the Mura river and the southern part is upper Međimurje. Moderate fresh continental climate prevails.

The municipality has 808 households and 3.154 inhabitants whiče the population density is 125 inhabitants / km2.

History and economy
In the area of the municipality there is an important prehistoric archeological site, and just across the river Mura is the famous Roman road between Ptuj and Lendava (POETOVIO - HALLICANUM). Therefore, it is not surprising that by Sveti Martin a site of very rare Roman coins and other material remains of antique culture were uncovered. This area was important in the Middle Ages, whether it it because Gothic and Baroque churches or old castles and fortresses (Gradiščak, Lapin).

The most precious preserved monument to date is the Gothic-baroque parish church of St. Martin. This parish was mentioned already in 1334. (SANCTI MARTINI), 1501 (SANCTI MARTINI SUPERIOR) and 1650. (SANCTI MARTINI in KOMORY). In this historic site, a wooden parish church was first built, to create the largest part of the shrine in the middle of the 15th century.

The curate of this beautiful church was created in 1567 in stone limestone with traces of red color. Particularly interesting and valuable are Gothic wall paintings, which is a real rarity in Međimurje. Today's sacristy was built in 1777, to replace the tabula on the ceiling of the navy no later than 1779.

The municipality of Sveti Martin na Muri has always belonged to the economically weakly developed area of the county. The inhabitants were mostly engaged in farming, vineyards and cattle breeding. However, in the recent times, industry and tourism are increasingly developing. There are 54 active entrepreneurs with 537 employees and 37 craftsmen in the municipality, and there is an entrepreneurial area of about 14 hectares in the Municipality.

On the basis of a thermal spring discovered at the beginning of the 20th century, a few kilometers south of the village of Sveti Martin na Muri, in a locality called Vučkovec, at the site of the formerly modest swimming pool, the attractive spa-health and sports complex "Toplice Vučkovec" later renamed "Terme Sveti Martin" was built. As a first-class tourist destination, in recent years it has significantly contributed to the economic development of the municipality.

Sights and culture
Monuments and landmarks in the area of the municipality are Mlin (watermill) on the Mura, the Ship (raft) on the Mura and the Protected Landscape of the Mura River.

There is one school in the municipality, namely Sveti Martin na Muri Elementary School.