Course Layout

The Spa Hills Disc Golf Course in the Toplice Sveti Martin is spread over an area of 15 hectares, and it consists of a 9-hole ball golf course and nearby meadows and forests. The area provides a lot of elevation and combines open and tighter fairways. At this location in 2015 9-hole disc golf course was designed following a ball golf course layout and since then there have been several international tournaments going on annually with different temporary layouts - Spa Hills, Stray Disc Tour and Frosty Hills Series.

For the EDGC 2018, a new 18-course layout was designed including some areas that were not used earlier. To have the course in full compliance with the standards expected for the European Championship, the new layout was designed by Jon Baldwin, a professional US disc golfer and PDGA Masters Pro 2011 World Champion, while targets used will be Disc Golf Park targets.

There are two layouts, as decided by the PDGA Europe EDGC Committee. Both layouts will offer both wide open golf fairways, and challenging tunnels carved through the beautiful woods, all with fun elevation changes throughout. You can download Front 9 course map as a PDF at this page but please note the differences in the hole distances and pars listed in the table at that bottom of the map. Here are some comments to help you get a feel for how the holes will play:
Hole 1. Welcome to the EDGC! Your starting hole features an elevated tee and an triple mandatory entrance to an Island green. It’s sure to get your blood pumping!

Hole 2. Welcome to the beautiful woods of Sveti Martin. Steeply uphill, hole 2 features a narrow dual fairway to attack the pin from either side.

Hole 3. Take a moment to enjoy the beautiful view on this picturesque hole. Don’t look too long as this is one of the more challenging drives on the course. Keep it low to stay in the fairway.

Hole 4. Starting on a tee tucked into the forest, the fairway crosses a meadow and then reenters the forest to a well protected green.

Hole 5. A short downhill hole through the woods requiring good touch to hit the gap and turn slightly left to access the pin.

Hole 6. A great view of the surrounding hills, but beware, the steeply sloping landing is just out of view, and strongly favors a left to right landing.

Hole 7. Back into the woods, this is a demanding par 4. Getting your tee shot through the trees with a left to right bend will land you in the valley where you’ll have to bend a shot through the trees to access the pin up the hill.

Hole 8. Find either of the narrow fairways and you could be putting for a birdie. Be prepared to be adaptable on this one, your patience and mental strength could be tested.

Hole 9. You’ll need a very accurate first shot to go through the doorway and access the meadow. Once there you have an uphill approach to a pin guarded by trees on either side.

After hole 9 there will be a hydration station with water and some small replenishing snacks available to boost your energy for the back nine.

Hole 10. The straight and narrow. This basket is down a long straight and narrow tunnel. The fairway drops down into a valley and then rises up to the basket on a slope. Be careful to land your putts flat or they could roll away.

Hole 11. Out into the open, you will get to throw a long left to right shot, but accuracy is key. The pin lies down a beautiful corridor through the forest.

Hole 12. The most generous forest fairway awaits you here. It goes slightly uphill, and then down to the left to a dynamically contoured green.

Hole 13. A signature hole, this par 5 has a fun downhill left to right drive to a manicured golf fairway. Longer throwers will have a chance to go for eagle if they can avoid the trouble and keep it in the fairway.

Hole 14. Starting on an elevated tee area, throw left to right through the gap in the trees and fly across the valley to access the pin. Watch out for roll-aways on this one.

Hole 15. One of the most open holes on the course, an old tree defines the right side of this hole making a left to right flight path preferable, or else you will have to contend with the tree to reach the pin for a putt.

Hole 16. There is a mandatory right to left flight path around the tree. Consider landing short of the green. It is safe to land on the green, but beware of skips that could send you past the pin and down the hill.

Hole 17. This straight hole features a nice long gentle downhill slope and a chance to breath a little easier. Enjoy watching the flight of the disc.

Hole 18. A dramatic finishing hole. Players can play safe or aggressively approach the well guarded green. The amphitheater setting will make the finishing hole drama visible to many players and spectators alike.

Now go have some fun in the pools!

Individual hole maps with detailed rules will be available during the week.

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