Course Layout

The Spa Hills Disc Golf Course in the Toplice Sveti Martin is spread over an area of 15 hectares, and it consists of a 9-hole ball golf course and nearby meadows and forests. The area provides a lot of elevation and combines open and tighter fairways. At this location in 2015 9-hole disc golf course was designed following a ball golf course layout and since then there have been several international tournaments going on annually with different temporary layouts - Spa Hills, Stray Disc Tour and Frosty Hills Series.

For the EDGC 2018, a new 18-course layout was designed including some areas that were not used earlier. To have the course in full compliance with the standards expected for the European Championship, the new layout was designed by Jon Baldwin, a professional US disc golfer and PDGA Masters Pro 2011 World Champion.
Field work was done in November 2017. Lagoda Disc golf is currently negotiating the use of some additional areas and, in agreement with Baldwin, making adjustments to the layout. It is planned that the EDGC course will be completed in March and will be tested on several tournaments starting from April.
Depending on how the layout will work when disc golfers start playing on it, additional corrections might happen but the finalized EDGC course will be ready no later than July 15th (one month before the championship).

For the EDGC 2018 PDGA approved baskets will be used (the supplier is still not defined).