Nations and Players

The European Championship is open only to players from European countries defined at the Wikipedia list.

By default, only the National Federations members of the European Disc Golf Federation should have the right to sign up players and a team for EDGC, but as the disc golf in Europe is still in development and the desire is to have as many states as possible joining the Championship, EDGF uses the right to invite also other countries and non-EDGF members.

A call for participation was sent out to 29 representatives of the states that on October 31, 2017 have had at least one PDGA member.


Players have had to qualify for EC within their home country. The national disc golf organizations of each country are entirely responsible for the selection of their representatives at EDGC, providing that players qualify under the Nationality regulations below.

Suggested methods of selection include qualification on a national tour (if any), at national championships, or simply nomination of players by committee.
Qualified players (based on available spots by country) will be nominated by the national disc golf organization for the participation at EDGC. Players must accept the nomination for EDGC and confirm their participation by a given deadline set by their national disc golf organization. Non-qualified players may still have a chance to be nominated in a second wave, if one of the already nominated players cannot participate or additional places become available.

A player is qualified to represent a country if he/she meets the following regulations:
-The player holds a valid membership of the country’s disc golf organization.
-The player holds the passport of the specific country or is a current resident of the country for minimum 1 year.
- The player has been nominated by the national organization.

Exceptions may be granted by EDGF to smaller countries without a national disc golf organization.

PDGA Membership
An individual PDGA membership was not required in the past to participate at the EDGC. Due to the cooperation between EDGF and PDGA and the fact that the PDGA membership and its rating system has become a strong and valuable tool in the sport of disc golf, a PDGA membership is recommended.
Also the PDGA membership numbers (data per country) is used for allocating the EDGC spots per country.

EDGC 2018 competitors
200 players of 27 nations had registered for the European Championships 2018. The list of players is available at the PDGA website and will be available at Disc golf Metrix.