The road to the European Championship started on December 20, and will take place through four stages. An accurate list of players should be known until May 7.

Phase 0
Dec 20, Wed
EDGC Info package was sent to Country representatives

Jan 15, Mon
Participating countries announce Team Captains

Jan 16, Tue
Team Captains send their contact info to LOC

Phase 1
Jan 17, Wed
Phase 1 registrations starts
Countries can name players or reserve Country spots

Jan 31, Wed
Deadline for the Registration fee payments

Phase 2
Feb 6, Tue
Reallocation of spots with unpaid Registration fee

Feb 7, Wed
Phase 2 registration starts

May 7, Mon
All Registration and Entry fees must be paid
All players must be named

Phase 3
May 13, Sun
Reallocation of unpaid spots and unnamed spots.

May 14, Mon
Phase 3 registration starts.

June 4, Mon
All Entry fees must be paid

Phase 4
June 6, Wed
Cancellation spots reallocated only when necessary

Aug 1, Wed
All materials finalized. (It will be impossible to mak e any changes to any printed materials after this date.)

Aug 10, Fri
Tournament field set. Cancellations won’t be reallocated after this date.

Aug 11-14, Sat-Tue
EDGC Course reserved for practice

Aug 14, Tue - EDGC Opening Ceremony
Aug 15, Wed - EDGC Round 1, 18 holes, Tee times, 200 players
Aug 16, Thu - EDGC Round 2, 18 holes, Tee times, 200 players
Aug 17, Fri - EDGC Round 3, 18 holes, Tee times, 200 players
Aug 18, Sat - EDGC Round 4, 18 holes, Tee times, 100 players
Aug 18, Sat - EDGC Prize & closing ceremony