Event Format and Categories

200 players and will compete in the championship and they will be divided to eight gender and age categories. The invitation to participate was sent to disc golfers from 29 countries and 200 free spots in the event were divided according to the table created according to the number of PDGA members per country.

Female categories are:
FPO (Open registration for female players of any age),
FJ18 (players who will not reach 19 years of age until 31.12.2018)
FP40 (players over 40)

Male categories are:
MPO (Open registration for male players of any age),
MJ18 (players who will not reach 19 years of age until 31.12.2018),
MP40 (players over 40 years),
MP50 (players over 50 years),
MP60 (players over 60 years).

The championship will be played with a delayed start on the 18-hole course and one round a day. All players will play three rounds (Wednesday, Thursday and Friday), while 50% of players from each category will also participate in the 4th Round on Saturday.

The medals (gold, silver, bronze) will be awarded in each category for the first three places, while the certificate will be awarded for placement from 4th to 6th place. For medal winning places, in the case of a tie, a playoff will be held.

Cash prizes in the PRO categories (100% payout of entry fee) will be awarded according to the PDGA Rulebook.

The Junior divisions are fully PDGA Amateur division. MJ1 and FJ1 are trophy/medals division only. The organizer may provide product prizes in addition.